Our Mission Statement

At The Ark we are always ‘Striving for Success’ in all levels of teaching and learning.

Our Philosophy

The Ark implements some Christian values that are based on the celebrations of life, people and events.

We aim to:

Contribute to a sustainable future by providing an environment that encourages children to want to learn we believe that this will create a foundation for ‘life-long learning’.

Create a caring and meaningful learning environment which respects each child as an individual unique learner. We will do this by striving to provide a challenging, stimulating, aesthetically pleasing environment that encourages exploration, discovery and opportunities to learn both independently and alongside others.

Build positive relationships, we value the diverse cultures that represent the Tokoroa community and offer a place of belonging for all. We celebrate the concept of the ‘Tuakana / Teina where positive role modelling is encouraged.


Contact Details

Phone: 07886860550 Maraetai Rd
Tokoroa 3444

Opening Hours

7.30am - 5.30pm
Monday to Friday